Wednesday March 14, 2012 - 8:05 AM

I'm half-way through the March Break and I can honestly say that this is the worst one, by far. I'm supposed to be out with my buddies, maybe heading out on our snow machines, maybe skiing. But certainly laughing and having fun, knowing that spring is just around the corner. Sure, we had some pretty warm temperatures lately, and even rain, but we're back to snow again.

It's like the cycle of misery that I keep finding myself back in. At least being in school was a bit of a distraction. The only thing I can do for a distraction is browse the net, maybe watch some of Uncle Bob's movies. But that's about it. And it doesn't really stop my mind from coming back to Miss Hamilton.

She's still lying in a hospital room in a coma. No change.

The thing that I find toughest, though, is that I haven't gone to visit her. She was a good teacher. I liked her. She made Shakespeare fun.

But I can't visit her. I'm too afraid that if I show up there, it'll finish her off.

Frank said...
I cannot even begin to understand your agony right now Peter.
You have taken angst to a new level.
Kim said...
send a card, or flowers to show that you care.
you're in my thoughts...take care Peter.