Thursday March 29, 2012 - 10:21 PM

Mr. Robinson and I, or Robbie, as I now call him, chatted for a long time after class about “Captain Quad” -- we didn’t talk about my situation, about the bitterness I felt over Sarah having dumped me.
It just felt good to talk about the story, about the scary things that happened, about the creepy feeling I got when reading it.
Maybe the whole reflection piece, the whole moral behind the story is something that just gets planted somewhere in the back of your mind while you enjoy the story itself. In any case, we didn’t talk about that. Just about how good the book was, and the different memorable scenes in it.
And then Mr. Robinson loaned me another book by this Costello guy. This one was called “The Cartoonist” -- it looks even better than that first one. It's about this old guy who is a mostly coma-like patient at a hospital and who draws things as if on autopilot. But the things he draws all come true and wreak havoc and hell on one doctor's life through a series of uncanny accidents and mishaps. I’m actually afraid to pick it up and start reading it tonight, afraid that I’m going to get sucked into the book and not get any sleep again.
So I put it on my night side table. I’ll start reading it tomorrow because I don’t need to get up early on Saturday.

Trish said...
"The Cartoonist" sounds like an odd story indeed! Let us know what you think of it. And don't draw any pictures for me! hehe. Unless, of course, they involve nice things happening to me! :)
Good night, Peter!
Kim said...
I'm impressed by your will power! I know when I get a new book, the first thing I want to do is read read read...
have fun on Saturday!