Sunday March 18, 2012 - 11:54 PM

Wow. I can’t believe that the March Break is over already. And for the first time in many many years, I just wasted most of it away. I sat around the house mostly, watching movies and playing video games.

I did take Kim’s advice and had some flowers sent to the hospital for Miss Hamilton. I went into town on Saturday with Uncle Bob and Aunt Shelley. When we got to the mall I went to a florist shop and placed my order to have flowers sent over to her anonymously. I would have done it over the phone, but I don’t have a credit card to pay for it. And I didn’t want my aunt or uncle to know about it.

I’m not sure why. I just don’t want anyone to know I sent the flowers.

This week I also watched a series of movies that I was a little bit surprised to see in Uncle Bob’s collection. Final Destination. All five of them. Although I shouldn’t be surprised about it -- he does have a pretty wide range of tastes in movies.

I remember seeing the first Final Destination half a dozen years ago when some buddies and I rented it. So when I came upon it in Uncle Bob’s movie collection, I watched it. I was pretty hooked. The whole concept of this unseen death entity stalking the characters down and killing them off one by one intrigued me. Death picks them off throughout the movie apparently because it missed its chance to kill them during a plane crash that they avoided at the last minute.

It was an intriguing concept, and made me think a lot about the all of the deaths surrounding me and my life. Death takes on many forms and appears in many guises.

And no matter how much you run, no matter how hard you try, Death will find you and get what it wants.

Death is the one thing that will not and can not be denied.

It makes me wonder what is going to eventually kill Miss Hamilton? Do you think it might be a bizarre allergy to one of the flowers in the bunch of wild flowers I had delivered to her room?

Or is the whole series of Final Destination movies getting to me?

Kim said...
I suppose anything is possible. Course if there's no chance that she'll recover, her family could make that decision on their own. Death, like Life, works in strange ways.
Trish said...
I really like the Final Destination movies as well. I think Part 2 is even better than the first, but I haven't seen anything beyond the third yet. It's an interesting concept, but I don't believe that Death really works that way. As I mentioned earlier, you're not to blame for a single death.