Thursday March 8, 2012 - 8:24 PM

Sarah and Miss Hamilton were in an accident last night.
A pretty nasty accident.
Miss Hamilton was driving Sarah home. I guess that they’d both been working after school and Sarah had missed the last bus. So, Miss Hamilton had offered her a ride back to Levack.
It wasn’t uncommon for a teacher like Miss Hamilton to do that, particularly not for a student with whom she’d spent so much time. Miss Hamilton lived in Dowling, and so was heading most of the way there anyway.
They were on the highway between Sudbury and Levack. It had been snowing, not heavily, but enough to reduce visibility I guess. They were just about to cross the bridge over the Vermillion River near Dowling when an oncoming transport trailer crossed the middle line, heading straight toward them.
Miss Hamilton swerved the car, tried to take the ditch, but the snow-covered guard rail was so close to the edge of the highway that close to the bridge that the car couldn’t go far -- it simply bounced off and back into the lane. The transport hit the back of the sedan. The sedan flipped up and onto its left side, slid across the middle of the highway, slammed into the guard rail of the bridge and spun around on its hood.
A second oncoming car plowed into the front of the overturned vehicle.
Sarah received some bruises and deep cuts from pieces of the windshield that sliced into her forehead and cheeks. But otherwise, once they cut the vehicle open, she walked away from the accident. That was a huge relief to hear.
Miss Hamilton, unfortunately, wasn’t so lucky.
Her body was crushed by the oncoming car that had plowed into them, suffering two broken arms and a broken pelvis. She also received severe head injuries in the accident and is currently in a coma in the Sudbury General Hospital.
Could the whole accident have been my fault?
I had been rather angry at the both of them yesterday.
Did that anger spiral into an evil force that caused the accident?
I’m not sure what I’m talking about. Not sure what to believe any more.
But it seems as if all it takes is for me to be angry with someone, pissed off with them, and the curse strikes.
It’s crazy. Curses don’t exist. They’re myths. Superstitions. But it seems to make sense, seems to fit in with what’s been happening lately. Lately? It’s been happening my whole life. Am I only starting to figure this out now?
Figure what out? I have no idea what’s happening to me and to the people around me.
All I know is that Sarah is lucky to have escaped the accident with very few injuries. And I think it’d be best if I could completely avoid her, ensure that she stays far away from this curse. I’m too upset with her after all.
If I was the cause of the accident, that is. I mean, if I did cause the accident, and I was the cause of the other deaths, why didn’t Miss Hamilton die? Why is she in a coma?
It could just have been that. An accident. Right?
I don’t know what to believe anymore.

Frank said...
I think you have to believe it was just an accident Peter or you may go insane.
It does seem kinda strange though.
MaliceAD said...
Woah, that's awful :( I hope Miss. Hamilton gets better soon! It's just an unfortunate accident and has nothing to do with you cursing people. Curses do not exist.
Trish said...
 I agree with Malicead. Death is a natural part of life. You've been surrounded by lots of death through your life, but it's only coincidental. I don't believe that a single one was your fault.