Tuesday March 6, 2012 - 11:09 PM

Starting doing a Google search online a few hours ago. Found some interesting web sites about death, and spent the last couple of hours reading through it all.
Cool stuff.

Freaky stuff.

--> The Death Clock (www.deathclock.com)

--> Death and Dementia (www.deathndementia.com)

--> Death - The Last Taboo (australianmuseum.net.au/Death-The-Last-Taboo)

--> Near-Death Experiences (www.mindspring.com/~scottr/end.html)

--> Death Images (www.trinity.edu/~mkearl/death-1.html)

It got me to thinking more about Hamlet’s little speech, again. And Death.

I think I want to talk to Miss Hamilton about Hamlet again.

Yeah, yeah, I know, Miss Hamilton, our English teacher, is Sarah’s favourite teacher and, while Sarah hasn’t been spending much time with her friends, she still is hanging around Miss Hamilton a lot.

But that’s NOT why I want to chat with her. I want to talk about Hamlet, and Shakespeare, and maybe see if she can recommend something else that I can read of his that is just as good. I remember we read The Merchant of Venice in Grade 9 and then The Tempest in Grade 10 and King Lear in Grade 11, but I didn’t really like them so much.

There’s gotta be something else Shakespeare wrote that’s as good as Hamlet.

Franny said...
My favorite is Macbeth. I think you'd like it too.
Franny said...
Sorry Peter, got my plays mixed up. I meant to suggest Othello...
Frank said...
lol. I was going to agree with Franny , then saw she corrected herself. I thought Macbeth was brilliant.
Just been creeping myself out on the death sites you posted.
Kim said...
I personally liked Julius Caesar.