Sunday April 8, 2012 - 11:14 PM

School tomorrow, and I’m as excited to chat with Robbie about the latest Laymon novel that he loaned me on Friday and that I finished (this one was called “One Rainy Night” and was an incredible non-stop roller coaster ride of mayhem, action, and unadulterated bloodshed) as I was at the chance to talk with Monica.
It took me the whole weekend of dwelling on her to realize that I suddenly had an easy “in” with her for a conversation. All I needed to do was find out from Robbie what Costello books she had already read, and see if I’d read them as well. Or if she’d read one that I hadn’t and I’d read another, at least we could still compare notes.
It’d be a great conversation starter at least.
I feel like a kid in grade nine again, steeling up the courage to ask a girl to dance with me.
It’s this queasy, uneasy, yet enjoyable feeling.

MaliceAD said...
You should really take this one slow and always remember that she's one of Sarah's friends. Who knows what Sarah has told her about you?
Benny said... 
that's a good point malicead...girls talk...ALOT!!!