Sunday April 1, 2012 - 10:42 PM

I did some browsing online, found this Sean Costello’s guy website. Found a few online articles about him. I see that his book “Captain Quad” was recently republished. And by a publisher right here in Sudbury.
I even found a review of one of his books online written by that Mark Leslie guy that Robbie had talked about in class. Then I linked over to Mark Leslie’s site and found a quote that Costello wrote about one of his books.
Costello seems to really like this guy’s writing. Maybe I should consider borrowing that book from Robbie too.
I wonder if the two actually know each other. And does that sort of thing -- where authors who know each other give each other a praise blurb -- happen a lot?
I can’t wait to get in to class tomorrow and talk to Robbie about it.