Sunday February 5, 2012 - 11:42 PM

The dreams have stopped.
For now at least.
I dropped into a dead sleep right after lunch and slept for 10 solid hours.
Fucking snow. This morning I hated it, but I think it was the snow that helped me finally hit the proper point of mental and physical exhaustion. We got dumped on over night with somewhere between 30 and 40 centimeters of snow. Holy shit. Again. Uncle Bob's snow blower is on the fritz -- likely because it's been used so many damn times this winter due to winter storms like the one we just got. At least our friggin' power wasn't out like I heard happened to over 80,000 poor slobs in central Ontario.
Uncle Bob and I went out there and started shoveling the snow around 9:15 this morning, and, without the snow blower, it took the both of us close to four hours to get the snow cleared.
The drifts in the middle of the driveway were almost three and a half feet high in some places, and the two ends of the driveway (we live on a corner lot with a big long wrap-around driveway with entrances on two different intersecting streets) were plowed in at least five feet high by the snowplows. Man, that was the hardest part, that heavy, salt and sand encrusted snow. I thought we would never be finished.
Anyways, when we came in for lunch, all sweaty and exhausted, Aunt Shelley was pestering me, the way she always does, about how little I eat. I guess this time she was right, because I haven’t been able to eat a solid meal all week. Anyways, she was pestering me about how little I was eating, and suggested she call the “on-call” doctor so I could get in to see him, when I almost collapsed at the table. From exhaustion, I guess.
I left my plate virtually untouched and went into my bedroom.
Without changing or anything I fell onto my bed and passed out.
I'm pretty sure Uncle Bob convinced Aunt Shelley not to call the doctor, and not to pester me anymore, just to let me sleep the day away, because I woke up in exactly the same position I'd collapsed in, still dressed and everything. Thank God for that.
It was glorious.
Ten freakin' hours of uninterrupted, dark, empty, blissful sleep. I think that's all I needed.
I’ve been up for about 10 minutes now, feeling fully awake. Fully rested.
For the first time in what feels like forever.
Don’t think I could sleep now if I tried.

Frank - said . . .
Glad you finally got some sleep Peter. Maybe with some sleep, some of the shit life throws at you may make more sense.

Kim - said . . .
That's awesome news know the body tends to heal itself while you sleep!
Hopefully this is the beginning of better times!