Tuesday January 24, 2012 - (2)

I don’t know if it’s the lack of sleep from last night -- I finally fell asleep shortly after 4:00 AM and had to get up maybe only 3 hours later (I need to be up early to catch the bus to Sudbury, which is where my high school is. It takes about an hour to get there) -- but I’ve been a real wreck today. Made a huge ass of myself, too.

I waited for Sarah in front of her locker. Skipped a bunch of classes too. Just planted myself there and waited for her. For hours. I think she’d seen me a few times and purposely avoided heading down the hallway. But it was in the early afternoon, when the hallway was busy and I guess she couldn’t see me through the crowd when she approached.

She was startled, I think, to see that I was still standing there.

She stopped, just a foot in front of me and stared.

Then she turned, without saying anything, and started walking away.
“Sarah!” I called out after her, my voice breaking, tears flowing freely down my face. “Please, don’t ignore me any longer! Please talk to me! Sarah!”

She just walked away and I sank down on my knees, my face in my hands and cried.

I didn’t look up again until the hallways were cleared. I just couldn’t face all the people who’d seen me break down like that.

Damn Sarah. Why does it hurt to love her so much?

            Frank - said . . .
            Peter your last statement reminds me of a porno movie I once saw. In the movie, one hooker asks another, "What is love?" The other hooker replies, "I can't tell you what love is, but I do know that it hurts." I can't believe that I can quote a line from a porn movie but yes love hurts.

Franny - said . . .
            Peter, maybe its time to back off of Sarah for a bit?  She's probably getting creeped out. No offense, but I am too.  Just trying to help.