The Online Journal Of Peter O'Mallick

Peter O'Mallick is a fictional character created by Mark Leslie.

Peter is a teenager suffering through all of the usual dilemmas facing a 17 year old male - the recent breakup of a long-time girlfriend, frustrations with living in a small Northern remote community, too much homework and too little time to just hang out with his friends.

O'Mallick, of course, is also dealing with a unique and usual hang-up.

A death curse.

It seems as if those around him, particularly those he is closest to, are dropping like flies -- and O'Mallick believes he is the cause of it all.

This journal is written from Peter O'Mallick's POV and will be blogged in real-time to coincide with the forthcoming novel I, DEATH which will be released in November 2012. The contents of this blog are from the first 1/3 of the novel)

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The terror begins on January 18, 2012.