Saturday May 5, 2012 - 2:48 PM

Damn. I've been trying to log onto this blogger account for three days now, and not able to get past the login screen. It's just been hanging there.

I thought, at first, that I'd forgotten my password or something. But that wasn't it. Not sure if it was my connection to the internet or maybe one of the servers at Blogger. Whatever it was, it drove me to start writing my thoughts and stuff in written form, because I've had so many things to sort out lately. Funny, when the guidance counselor first told me to start writing down my thoughts and emotions I thought he was nuts. But it's funny that that seems to be the first thing I do now whenever I need to sort stuff out.

I'm going to copy those thoughts I wrote down onto this online journal. Is it just for the sake of continuity? Because I have to admit, I've gone back and re-read the stuff that I've written several times now. That has been just as therapeutic as writing it down. So I will post that handwritten stuff here, but I'm not sure when.

As it is, I don't even know if this is going to publish or not.

Here goes nothing . . .

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Kim said...
I've been journaling for years. It's helped me get through the hardest of times as well as the best of times. 
good Luck.