Saturday May 12, 2012 - 7:04 PM

Holy shit. Did I ever have a lot of fun at the book event today. Right now I’m logged on using the “internet café” computers at the Chapters book store. Robbie is in line at Starbucks getting us a couple of coffees.

We had an amazing time at the book launch. The readings, the entertainment, everything was just awesome. Robbie bought me a copy of Sean Costello’s updated version of Captain Quad. It was the 20th anniversary edition of the book, this one published by Your Scrivener Press, a small Sudbury area publisher. I can’t believe that I finally met him. He seems like this normal, friendly guy. You’d never know that he wrote these frightening, creepy tales of nasty people doing awful things to one another. This is the first time that I’ve ever met an author whose book that I read or had a book signed by anyone. It’s awesome.

Robbie brought in all of the Costello books that he owned to have signed.

Anyways, Robbie and I had a great time hanging out, mixing and mingling with all the people there. I just don’t want today to end. We’re going to hang around here at Chapters and browse for a bit, then we’re likely heading over to the Kelsey’s across the way for something to eat.

Oh. Here he comes. Gotta post this and go.