Thursday June 21, 2012 - 9:03 PM

I was sitting in the cafeteria today with Harley, Neil and Jagdish. Man, I missed those guys.
I’ve been sitting on my own, or just wandering around like a space cadet for so long, I never got caught up with my friends. Sure, I hung around with them for the occasional event, chatted with them in the hallways and sometimes sat with them during lunch or spares.
But today was different.
It was like old times, back before things between Sarah and I fell apart.
I hadn’t felt normal, like one of my old pals since before Christmas. But they welcomed me right back into the fold.
We were talking about old man Cottman and his fuckin’ end of year pop quizzes. We ended up getting all razzed about that morning’s pop quiz surprise and the fact that none of us passed this one. We started worrying about the upcoming History exam that Cottman would present us with when Harley made an announcement.
“We should fucking party tonight!” he said.
“What?” Jagdish looked at him, stunned. “It’s a school night.”
“Fu . . . Screw that,” Harley said, quickly changing the first word of his sentence because a teacher was walking by. “We all flunked this pop quiz, we’re likely going to flunk Cottman’s exam. Why don’t we take a moment to just say ‘to hell with this’ and party it up?”
“Not a bad idea with all of the bizarre shit that’s been going on around here lately,” Neil said. “Both a teacher and a student died just this semester, never mind the accident that nearly took out Miss Hamilton and Sarah.” Neil paused very briefly to look at me when he said this, sensitive to my reaction to her name. “We could use the release. Besides, this is our last year in high school. Next year -- who knows? We should make the most of our time together.”
I started laughing. “Hey, Neil, that’s awfully sentimental of you.”
Jagdish leaned toward him. “C’mon, Neil. Give us a hug.”
“Yeah, you fairy.” Harley said. “Let’s have a group hug and a cry. What are you, like Oprah?”
“Lay off Harley,” Neil said. “I was agreeing with you, okay.”
The group was quiet for a minute when Jagdish spoke up. “Where?” he asked.
We all looked at him.
“So, we know we’re going to do this. So where? The pit?”
"Fuckin' A, Jag." Harley said
The rest of us immediately agreed as well. The pit was an abandoned dump that was just off the highway. There was easy access to it, but the deep pit allowed us to make a lot of noise and have a bonfire without anyone being able to see or hear from the road.
Plans were made as to when we were going to meet, who was going to bring what and it was all settled by the time the bell rang announcing our lunch period was over.
Man, was that ever a good thing. It’s been way too long since I’ve felt that good. I’m so looking forward to getting drunk with my buddies later tonight. Going to pretend to go to bed early then sneak out. Can't wait.